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A healthy smile isn't just about white teeth. While a brilliant smile is certainly an indicator of healthy teeth, you must go to the root level to reveal true oral health.

Why be so concerned with that we cannot readily see? It's simple - oral health is a proven indicator of your whole body health. As each year passes, dental researchers are finding a growing body of evidence connecting oral health and whole body health. For example, there are direct correlations between the plaque that accumulates on teeth and the condition of your heart and body, which can lead to heart disease, stroke, pregnancy problems, and some respiratory illnesses.

As years go on, we undoubtedly will learn more about the critical role your oral health plays in your overall health. Until then, you owe it to yourself to take care of your teeth. Brush and floss twice a day. Get two cleanings and checkups each year. If and when problems arise, we at Parkersburg Family Dental are here to help you understand the problem and provide you with realistic, livable solutions.

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